Gary Gensler Was Made a Condition


The Securities Commission has not achieved significant progress in the field of regulation of financial markets. All forces were thrown into the case against Ripple, but this did not bring any result.


Vladimir Okhotnikov believes that the SEC office is very dissatisfied with the work of Gary Gensler, "Under pressure he is forced to look for new directions where he could continue to implement the regulation policy."

Recently,on his page on the social network “X”, Gary Gensler called AI the mostcontroversial technology of the future. The commissioner pointed out that the imperfectionof the algorithms can be easily used in illegal actions, and fraudsters cantake advantage of this.

Gensler's shift in focus to the AI industry could trigger a downturn, as large investors will not want to participate in projects that later turn out to be controversial.

According to Lado Okhotnikov, founder of the Meta Force Metaverse, capital inflows will drop sharply as soon as the first lawsuit against companies owning artificial intelligence is filed.

A good example was the XRP token, when long legal battles did not allow Ripple to develop in the financial sector. However, after a positive court decision, the company nevertheless emerged from stagnation and is now negotiating with several large European banks regarding the integration of the blockchain.


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